About Us

Elore DesignElöre Design is a handcrafted hat label based in Boston, MA. The brand composes sophisticated pieces inspired by people, culture, and nature.

Salome Kopasz, founder and creative director of the brand is a free-spirited model and fashion designer who loves craftsmanship, established Elöre in 2020 after attending a hat-making class in NYC. To further master her hat-making skills, she attended The Craftsmanship Academy in Florence and was under the intensive and highly professional program delivered by SuperDuper Hats.

All of our hats are handmade by Salome using sustainable materials. She meticulously designs handcrafted contemporary forms to create timeless pieces. The hat blocks are from an artisan sculptor in France. Salome incorporates colors inspired by elements of nature.

Elöre is a brand with social commitment, not only by selecting and creating sustainable products but by sharing knowledge, educating, and giving back to others. Salome is someone who firmly believes that sharing knowledge is a powerful human connection. She wants to inspire other artists by educating and sharing her craftsmanship skills.

Elöre gives 5% off each sale to Maison De La Memoire, a non-profit organization located in Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic, where Salome is an active volunteer. They offer art training programs such as craftsmanship artisanal, art therapy, theatre painting, and more. They also have continuing education for adults.